Oct. 18th, 2010

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Baba Yaga's Castle was in ruins. Explosions had ripped through the spider's legs, eight explosions, eight piles of rubble. The main body of the spider was ripped open by the force of the explosions, but otherwise it was largely intact.

Everyone who could still move had run, vanishing into the jungle. Most of Arachne's followers hadn't been able to run. Mosquito was dead. Arachne was dead, and her soul missing. Mifune's body had vanished, but a splash of blood showed where he had fallen before the front doors. Giriko didn't know the details of what had gone down, but there had been no tiny body of the little witch anywhere in the castle. Whatever had happened to Mifune, likely Angela's fate was tied to that. And he couldn't give less of a shit.

The Alchemist stepped out of the front doors, a golem clumping along behind him. He stepped over a body here and there. The golem simply crushed them into the dirt after he'd passed, its step uncaring and unheeding.

He tipped back his head, draining the last of a bottle of Jack. He threw it to one side, and the glass shattered on the flagstones nearby. Maybe he'd die now. Or maybe he'd take that Shibusen priest with him. He didn't give a fuck anymore. Eight hundred years he'd waited, and now he had nothing left to wait for.


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